Where’s my orgasm?

“I just don’t understand, Doctor, I don’t have any desire to have sex with my husband anymore. Not since the baby was born. Do you think it’s my hormones?…”

I want to reach out and give my patient a hug and invite her for a Sunday brunch with heavy mimosas and a group of like women. I want to reassure her that nothing is wrong with her. This is normal and common. A story told regularly inside the confines of my exam rooms. So many women, young and old struggle with this problem.

Instead, I begin to ask questions about frequency, lubrication, sleep, painful intercourse, masturbation and relationship satisfaction. I take my notes and sigh to myself. How can I help? Continue reading Where’s my orgasm?

Lactation Fanaticism: Confessions of an OB/GYN Physician

Lactation Fanaticism

366410707_fd2df38edb  Th e truth is … I am a victim of Lactation Fanaticism.

I get it. Baby friendly. Breast is best. Nursing is bonding. It’s supposed to be easy and natural, right?

I’ve seen the data. Yes, I support breastfeeding. I support breastfeeding to a fault. Let me explain. Continue reading Lactation Fanaticism: Confessions of an OB/GYN Physician

“But, I want YOU to deliver my baby ….”

2939246041_43018ab09d_n“I want you to be there when I have my baby…”

The words sting every time I hear them. The guilt flows like a broken dam and pulls at my heartstrings, making me feel so heavy inside…

But, I can’t make that promise. I can’t make that commitment.

Why? I probably shouldn’t explain to my patient the real reason. Continue reading “But, I want YOU to deliver my baby ….”