“11 out of 10” is Released!

Please check out the new medical anthology, “11 out of 10” released today! I contributed one of the stories (Thanksgiving of the Dress) that I wrote during my residency training. All proceeds will be donated to the Deworm the World Charity.

It’s been and honor and pleasure working with so many talented writers in the medical field!

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The Skeptic Doctor: Reflections of a Physician Leader

“Patient experience. I’d like you to take over the initiative,” he said. I looked to my left and right.

Shit. He’s talking to me.

 For a moment, I had an overwhelming sense of insecurity. Give me operations. Give me finance. Give me quality. Give me strategy. But don’t give me patient satisfaction. That’s not me. I’m not light and fluffy. I’m not mushy-gushy. Nor am I very good at the touchy-feely leadership stuff. I’m a cynic. A skeptic. A no-nonsense gangbuster.

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Advice to my medical student self…

“I start my first clinical clerkship in medical school tomorrow. Any last minute advice?”

I stared at the text message from my cousin as I rolled my first patient of the day back to the operating room. I chuckled to myself.

What fun?

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Sticky-notes and all…

unnamedMany people ask me, “how did you have time to write a book in medical school?” and “why did you write a book in medical school?”

It just sort of happened … organically. Ever since I was able to put pen to paper, I’ve been writing. And, every opportunity I can take to write something, I will. People often seek a creative outlet, whether it be though their work, the arts, music, etc. My outlet is the typewriter … or nowadays, a MacBook Air. Continue reading Sticky-notes and all…