Finding the Balance in a Life in Medicine

“As a mom and a doctor, what advice would you give a third year medical student trying to choose a specialty?” the bright-eyed med student asked me.

Her smile was ear to ear and I didn’t want to burst her bubble. This is a complicated question to ask and the answers change as life changes. I chose OBGYN because it was the only specialty I truly fell in love with. For me, there was no other option. I knew that residency was going to be rough. I knew that life after residency would still be hard. As a determined, energetic and idealistic young woman I told myself – this is my destiny!


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Advice to my medical student self…

“I start my first clinical clerkship in medical school tomorrow. Any last minute advice?”

I stared at the text message from my cousin as I rolled my first patient of the day back to the operating room. I chuckled to myself.

What fun?

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Advice for the single professional woman …

wedding-ring-clipart-dc85RngceIf you’ve read my book, you are probably aware of the cringe-worthy predicaments the protagonist finds herself in with respect to her love life throughout her medical school training. While part of me wants to crawl into a hole at the thought of my father or 88-year-old great-uncle reading through the text, I felt it was a necessary component of the book. It was important to expose the reality that modern professional women face in the vast sea of single-life.

During my medical school training, I had an amazing group close friends – all single, all struggling with the same reality. They were (and are) talented, beautiful, hard-working and determined women. And we all dated the douche-bag. We all got screwed over in some way. We all let good of good ones. Believe it or not, we enjoyed our twenties and early thirties. Eventually, we all figured it out. I wouldn’t give that time back for anything in the world. Continue reading Advice for the single professional woman …