Ode to Grandma #1

Grams. Grammy. Go-Go. Granny. Grandma. Bubby.

Whatever you want to call her. She rocks. She inspires. She motivates.

She’s travelled the world and back. I think her last inter-continental trip was about three years ago, age 91, when she traversed the Atlantic in pursuit of a trip to the Canary Islands with my European relatives.

During her prime, and I was alive, I had a hard time keeping up. (Her prime probably lasted approximately seventy years, have you.) Her energy – infectious. Her love of life, literature, nature, food and martini’s … She’s never shied from a challenge. She always get’s out in front of it. She taught me to enjoy the finer things, but to work hard to earn them. She tells me never to give up. Continue reading Ode to Grandma #1